Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GN-X III - Stage 2 - Seam lines

Alright so now I'm going to try and tackle the seam lines. There are a bunch but I'm not going to hit all of them. Just the lower legs, forearms and upper arm armor. Everything else isn't so bad. I'm spraying the off white-grey pieces with the standard Gundam white that I used on the Red Astay's Gerbera Straight. No primer. Just make the grey-white a bit more white and more of a matte finish with a touch of grainy texture. Looks pretty much the way I want it. Haven't tried it on the puttied pieces yet and I'm not sure if it's going to work. I like the light spray but if I do that on the puttied pieces the putty will probably show through. Unless I use a heavy coat which is still an option.

So I'm kinda on the fence now. The metallic brown I got looks heavy enough to go right over top of the base purple and not let much if any of those undertones out. And the white might be able to go right over top of my puttied seam line parts. Don't know why I'm anti primer. Just want to leave as many steps out so I can finish this build faster. MGIJ should be coming out at the end of this week but I won't be able to pick it up right away since I'll be out of town.

Anyways I'll post a couple most pics of this process so you can see the changes as they happen.