Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Welcome back!

Decided that I'll try to write a couple of short posts more often just so that there's less of a gap in between posts (I wrote this day's ago but then Blogger was giving me trouble my picutres and I haven't had the time to sit down and figure it out until now. Took a lot of time. Who would've thought that blogging would be so time consuming!).
Gundam really has become almost of a daily thing for me. I guess I should have made this a Gundam board more than a 'Plamo' one. Oh well. No going back now.

Today (well, then. Which was the 8th) I decided to haul out my Perfect Grades. I missed them too much. I'm glad they're out now. I cleared out some place to display them. While I was assembling them again I realized that I look at them with different eyes now. I see a lot more of the details in them now. I see broken things that I know how to fix now. Fix more effectively I should say. I know how to order parts from Bandai now. I've already done it.

Doing one of these guys over the way I'd like to would take A LOT of time though. But what the hell. I have it. It's not like I have a deadline. If it takes 10 years that's OK. I mean I've already had the Mark 2 for 5. The thought kind of filled me with hope. Like... I don't have to rush. I can just do it. Take me time and do it right. Enjoy the process you know. The time you put in reflects the outcome. The PG's will have to wait until I can more experience though. I want to airbrush them I think. I mean I really want to do a totally overhaul on them with an insane paintscheme. Something that people will look at later and think, "wtf did that guy do?! That must have taken forever!" haha.

The other day I put up this pic as my wallpaper and I got to miss them so much.

This is what they look like now.

Welcome back guys! It's about time you saw the new apartment!