Saturday, July 19, 2008

AMS-129 Geara-Zulu (Guard Custom)

Originally uploaded by Busterbeam

Yes. Yes. I'm really liking this one. This is more my style but I'd like it to have a shield. Maybe like a Gouf gatling shield. Simple. Functional. Not flashy but the subtle bordering and insignia design give a little bit of class that separates it from the rest of standard grunt suits. Nice thruster placement. Definitely a suit maybe for space combat. Extra ammo on the front skirt is a bit of a hazard. I'm assuming it's explosive. Not the safest place. Would be better on the back skirt as there is nothing there at all. Highlight for me is the extra armoured shoulders with the spikes. Symmetry. It's not over-rated. The plain assault rifle gives it a grunt suit feel but the spikes give it a feeling of power that most of them don't have. This suit would look amazing with a bit of weathering. Love the stock colours. One of my favourites. If I had this kit I'd swap in a beam rifle or bazooka and find a shield for it.

Very pleased with this design.