Tuesday, July 22, 2008

MG Impulse

Another ritual I have. Whenever I'm planning on a long journey (that I'll eventually be returning from) I set up my Gundam's to 'watch over' the place while I'm gone. I decided to set up the Impulse today. No, it's not finished. I still need to finish the flyer and do the decals plus some paint touch ups, but I'd say it's about... over 90% completed. Not ready to be photographed yet. Properly photographed. And no gallery, but I wanted to show just a little bit of what I've done with it so far. Today I bought my first 'Action Base' and set it up for him. I was quite pleased with the result. It's really essential for getting dynamic poses out of this model. I gave it this pose by accident but it ended up reminding my a painting I saw years ago of an angel descending with it's spear. This model looks a little bit strange when compared to the other 1/100's I have. It's taller, much thinner and the head is noticeably smaller. But when set up alone he really does look impressive. For now I leave these pics as I begin my journey back to the place of my birth. And to be re-united with some old 'friends'.