Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Back home

It is good to be home. I've spent the last couple days just playing games with my sister and catching up with old friends. Glad I don't have to worry about work for now. My Gundams were right were I left them. Heavyarms, Titans Mark 2, Hyaku Shiki, Buster and L.O. Booster. The other guys were in a box. Took a look at them last night trying to find the MSZ-006C I had. I didn't find it. I think I threw it away years ago because it was so badly damaged. I got a couple of models from garage sales when I was in high school. In terrible shape. That was the only one I tossed apparently. It really was in bad shape and I didn't like the all grey colour. Talk about regret. That was the one I wanted to resurrect most. But all these guys could use some help. To refurbish all of them would take a LONG time and I don't want to bring all of them back because I don't need the distraction. I have enough in Japan to work on already but... As soon as I get this Impulse done I'm going to START another project and then go back to working on the G04. Spreading myself out but I find it hard to stay focused on one project for a long time. I stopped working on the G04 so I could work on the Impulse and after looking at it for so long I decided to try the Powered GM for a bit and then went back to the Impulse... Oh well. What can you do. No pics yet because I left my cell phone in Japan and have a digital camera here that's 2x stronger but 4x more complicated to use. The pics will come though. For now here's a pic of a beautiful MG Impulse that I found surfing the net. If anyone could remind me of which website it came from I'd appreciate it greatly.

As I thought, I do look at these kits with new eyes now. I really do see them for what they could be, not for what they are. It'll take a long time to fix them up... but it's going to be fun. I'm starting with the first model I ever bought. The Sentinel. What everyone else calls S-Gundam. Details to follow.