Monday, May 16, 2011

PGSF - Wing Fix - Ver. Busterbeam

Don't think I ever did post a follow up to this problem so here it is now that the GB has officially started.
The pics kind of explain everything. If you aren't aware of the breakage/weight problems, check this out.

Ver. Sephiroth

1mm drilling as usual.

+ cement and epoxy putty


Ended up using 4 for strength

Then puttied

Then shaved and sanded.  In hindsight I should have left a bit more on for strength but I wanted to make sure that it fit properly.


Actually I should say that it worked. It would later come loose and it disconnected. It didn't break again... but it is possible for it to slide out and it does sag a bit. It will stay in place but structurally it's not very sound.

I will probably revisit this again as I'd like to fix all the problems with the wings but a lot of it is beyond me. The dragoons snapping open at the slightest touch plus the fully extended wings not really being able to support their own weight... what to do there?

Someone made a sarcastic comment here about how all problems with the model are the fault of the modeler. I disagree. Sometimes things are just designed badly. I think the PGSF wings are ingenious but are actually a little too smart for their own good.

Some of the locking mechanisms featured on the PG00 would have been really useful here. No wonder the price for the PGSF has dropped so much!