Saturday, May 7, 2011

Canadian Paint Options

Sorry, it's a bit blurry
This is all I can find at the shops near my place. Well there are lot's of paints for wood and metal but not many for plastics. I decided to go for these two first. Each is about 7 bucks. Pricey!

I took the gloss black because I'm planning on doing metallics later. I picked up the grey primer just to see how it compares to the Japanese stuff I'm used to using.

I couldn't find a place that sold Japanese primer (or any type for that matter) in a bottle for airbrushing so I'm trying this for now.

Both are enamels. I'm not so happy about that. I tried the grey out already and it smells bad (toxic so it actually smells kind of good but it's bad for you!).

Also it takes a lot longer to dry. And I'm worried that it might damage the plastic as in making it too soft and too easy to break.

We'll see. I plan on spraying enamel on it again. Man... it's funny. Enamel is what I'm trying to get away from but it seems that's all I can get here.  I knew I had it good in Japan!

Plus a lot of paints don't even say if it's acrylic or lacquer or enamel or what. Pain in the butt. I might try some of the acrylic bottles I saw and thin them down with water. I'm really trying to stay as non- toxic as I can but... I don't want to just waste the stuff I have so I'm going to try and use as much as I can before buying new stuff.

* * *

Side note: Yesterday I cleaned up the garage and got it set up as my new paint station. I primed on panel using the Testors can show here and then sprayed a different panel with acrylic paint. No primer there. Pics to come.

You may be asking what kit am I working on? I will also reveal that later. Sorry kind of jumping around a bit.