Monday, March 1, 2010

My gf wants to build a Gundam?!

My gf said she wants to build a Gundam to remind her of me.

She also said that she wants to build one with a 'frame' like she's seen me do many times. Which means... her first plamo experience will be a Master Grade.

I think we have really come to a huge turning point in our relationship haha. Never thought this day would come. I'm doing a group build with my gf! So I'm going to put the Infinite Justice project on hold until I get this one done.

Words really can't express my shock but needless to say I'm going to buy her any and everything she wants concerning this! LOL!!!

Have any of you ever done a group build with your gf? From the sounds of previous responses to similar topics it sounds like "No."

More to posts to come on this obviously.

I feel like I should have some eye candy for this post so here you go.