Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Janitor has done it again!

Keita the Janitor (that's what it says on his website!) from WeMesarion has finally finished his GN-X.

Took a look at the before and after.

And that's what you can do with one of these plastic models if you're willing to put the time in.

I've been following his blog and it looks like he's finally done. You can check it out here for more pictures. He hasn't done the full gallery w/action poses and write up yet but the end result of his labours sure is impressive!

Man I love this guys work so much. He's one of the reasons why I started getting more serious about my Gunpla and even now after all the time and effort that I've put in, I still look at his work and think... Damn I'm so far away.

His sense of style is so good! He knows where to sand, what parts to flatten, where to put extra panel lines, when to lengthen and shorten a part... So much stuff that seems beyond me right now. It's like he can look at a model and see what's WRONG with it and knows how to make it right. His changes are subtle, and he rarely does full on re-colours. He doesn't even use that many after market parts. He sculpts, sands, and etches a lot. Who would have thought of putting extra lenses in on the "X" thrusters. Or lengthening the spike on the shoulders. Giving the whole thing more flat surfaces all around... They're just things that never would have occurred to me to do.

Ugh... it's not fair. But all I can do is keep trying! Maybe I can't be like him but I can be a good modeler in my own way. I still look up to him though. What a master!