Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Finished: Ebon Enforcer w/ Rocket Bazooka

Ah! I forgot I saved this as a draft! I don't know why I just didn't post it right away. Well this is it I guess. I don't think I'm going to get down and dirty with a 'proper' photo shoot so I hope these pics will be sufficient. I tried using a different background and lighting set up this time and I have to admit that I don't really like it so much. Overheard florescent lights. Too cold. The lamp light in the upper left corner adds a bit of warmth but not enough.

I don't mind the background so much but the lighting could use more work. I like the wooden table background that most of my "WIP" pics have but I figured I'd try something more uniform this time (as is the trend with most Gunpla pics)

All assembled... He's quite a beast
Is that dust?! OMG.

Loving the lenses, I have to admit...
Now if only I could remember where I put the rest of those Aurora decals! O_O

New home (Since changed with the addition of two more MG's)

It's been a long time coming but now I think I can finally can this Sinanju "Done."

Only took about a year. Yikes. A lot of up's and down's including more than my fair share of breakage. I really wanted stability with this project but the painting process actually caused the opposite effect. Now I'm afraid to pose it out of fear of it breaking. It's become more fragile then I'd hoped but... Like with everything I do, it's been a learning experience... And I definitely learned a lot from this project.

There are a lot of models out there and you all know that I have enough to keep myself busy for some time so... time to move on and put the Sinanju behind me. Other kits await and demand my attention. More projects to learn and grow from.

I think this model is the best one I've done so far and the most complete.

This year that's going to change.