Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time / Char's RX-78-2 GFF / Red Warrior

Well I just updated my G04 WIP (ultra minor one) and I'm starting to think that slow updates are the way to go. I wanted to keep my MG Impulse as a kind of a surprise and then reveal it all at once but the amount of pictures I've taken of that WIP is insane. It's going to take a while just to organize all of that stuff WHEN I completely finish it and AFTER I take the final pictures. Bleh. These things can really get away from you. Maybe it's just that I lack focus. On this. It is just a hobby after all. Slowly. There's just too much going on right now to focus totally on anything these days. And making Gunpura is kinda low down on the list. It does keep me out of trouble though. For some reason games seem to be creeping in a lot these days. I'm playing Homeworld AGAIN (this is the third time). and Mass Effect for the THIRD time as well. Why am I regressing to things that I've done multiple times already? hehe it still makes me happy though. And still almost as addicting as it was the first time I did it. Guess I have another 'addiction' to go along with the plamo one. And both are fighting for my attention.
In closing I leave you with a couple of pics taken by Danny Choo at an event he attended recently. This is the 2nd form of the upcoming Char's RX-78-2 Gundam FIX Figuration (GFF or just FIX to me), codenamed "Red Warrior". I LOVE this suit. Clearly designed for space combat (placement of the shoulder thrusters. Probably pretty maneuverable), massive bazooka. Love the extended knee armour, and the almost vertical V-Fin. The shield is a bit weird though. I doubt we're going to see any kit version of this suit so the FIX might be the only way to enjoy it. This may be the first FIX I buy!