Monday, September 15, 2008

Cleaning house - PG RX-78-2

So I recently got a new computer and I've been spending some time organizing my files from the old computer and combining them with the ones from the new one. The biggest hurdle has been the pictures. I've got them divided into so many subsets that it's unbelievable. After organizing the lions share of them I realized that I have a... disgusting amount of Gundam related stuff. I really have no excuse for lack of posting besides time, because I definitely have the material. So lets start with this one.

I apologize for not knowing who makes this stuff. It looks like a PG RX-78.2 just based on the amount of detail and all the hatches. Clearly some photoshopping was done to get this effect. I don't know what I can say about it. I think the art speaks for itself. Clearly someone put A LOT of time and effort into making the model AND in making this picture. As I've been playing around with photoshop a lot myself these days I can kind of see how they did it and I'm sure it must have taken a lot of time and planning. Definitely worth sharing. I like the silver hands. I'm kicking around the idea of doing the MGIJ like that once I get it.
My Impulse is practically done. Just decaling left to do now. And the peripherals are about 90% completed. The main unit is finished. Funny thing about decaling is that I'm not sure when to stop really. When I run out of decals I guess. But I have another pack of decals that I bought separately too... Maybe I should use a couple of those? Also I noticed that I can't use a lot of the stock decals because I changed the colours so much that they won't show up well. Oh well, never been a big decal guy anyways. Red Frame has none at all. I'll work on it a bit tonight and see where the mood takes me.