Thursday, September 4, 2008


Just testing out this E-Mail to blog thing. Might be easier for me to
post if I can do it like this. I've been working on my MG Impulse a
lot these days. Hours a day. Fine tuning things... working from the
ground up. Literally starting at the feet and working up. Looking at
all the little details. There's still a lot of problems that I have
with my technique. It's not clean enough. It looks good but I want
to get my panel lines looking nicer. I have to study a bit more.
I've been using the same lining technique that I used for the Red
Frame and the White Demon. It's adequate but... not quite as refined
as I'd like it to be. Makes things look kinda... muted and dirty
sometimes because I do a lot of scraping with the knife to clean up
excess lines. I'm getting there. I want to finish this kit before IJ
comes out. I mean it has been since May after all. There are a lot
of things going on in my life right now and I feel kinda guilty
spending too much time doing this stuff... There are other things I
should be doing. Haha story of my life. There's always something
else I should be doing. And on that note... I'm going to stop here.