Friday, January 27, 2012

Jestas 2 - Main Assembly Complete

All done and it was a lot of fun.  Prepping the parts wasn't so enjoyable but it has to be done.  Nubs all over my clothes.  On the desk.  In the box.  On the table.  On the carpet.  Sanding.  Blah.  Messy.

But it was a nice opportunity to enjoy listening to music, talking to friends or family, watching stuff on TV.  Sometimes I wonder if it's not the Gundam's so much as being able to do the other things at the same time.

No way.  It's the Gundam's!  But it really is such a relaxing hobby sometimes...  I've learned a lot of stuff while building Gundam's and goodness knows it helps with women because they can just keep talking and I can actually pay attention to what they're saying because I'm doing something else at the same time.  Weird how that works.  Can't give a woman your full attention.  That's just ridiculous! (jk to all my female readers.)

Anyways, onward!  To the pics!

After the cleaning I brought out all the parts and organized them by section.  Guess work but when you've built as many Gundam's as I have this part is actually pretty easy.

Very fun!  Trying to think of names and which one is going to be #1 and which one is going to be #2.  Hard to decide since they were both made at exactly the same time and parts from either box have been intermixed.

Oh yeah!  Alternate configuration.  Ngee and I don't have anything in common there.  I NEVER want to do it the standard way like it is on the box.  I'm going to switch it up if I can.  I need to do it my way.

U.C. 0096 Big Boss.  I have 6 suits from that era now and they are all GREAT.

Tag Team Champions

Sinanju vs. Jestas x2.  Who wins?

 Totally worth it!!!