Monday, January 23, 2012

Jestas - 1: Pre-production

Alright time to get started. For this build I've decided to just cut everything off of the runners first and then sort out the details later.  Here are shots of all the parts plus the runners they came from.

Ho ho this one is made in Japan.  Kotobukiya stuff is made in China.  At least that's what I learned from building Elenor.

Here are all the Jesta parts, minus polycaps and poly hands.

All parts for both Jestas

Quite a mass of plastic here...  Next step is to remove the nubs.  Gonna scrape and sand all of these.

In the meantime stored in the Crown Royal bag.  Hope I don't lose anything!  If I do... serves me right for doing it like this.
I did do a fair bit of work tonight while watching a special about Morgan Freeman's life.  Quite inspirational.  You know that guy didn't really become successful until he was in his 50's!  I know all of us are relatively young so that just goes to show you... life can have a lot in store down the road.  Our best days might actually be ahead of us!

More to come.