Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MG Impulse - Frame

So... I've been going a bit crazy recently. I've been putting a lot of hours into this thing in a short amount of time. I... I even worked on it in the morning before I went to work... I am obsessed. After work I imagine going home and working on it for hours. But I often can't because of other things I have to do. I'd like to just ignore everything and work on this. I've even been... agitated at the fact that I have to stop to eat. I've already primed and painted the parts I want changed. Using Danny's method for busy people. It's good. The only difference is that I primed my panels before spraying because I wanted to completely mask the original colours. I've had issues spraying before and having the under colour change the tone of the top colour. Yes this could be changed by adding more paint. It could also be changed by priming first. Which is what I did. Danny wasn't changing his Strike's paint scheme dramatically so it worked for him. I only the other hand... I've only made one minor mod to the arms so far for more manoeuvrability. Super simple one with probably very minor results once the armour's been placed on.

I'm going for the frame first. It is a piece of work. Articulation (to accommodate separation modes), scale, proportion. All the little differences that separate it from a regular MS. No cockpit. The core fighter slot. Beautiful details. I'm going to paint the frame. I've never done that before. Thinking of ways to do it now... I want to keep working on it but sometimes I take breaks to think about my approach. I have the frame completed now and am thinking of ways to bring the details out more. Spray the frame? What colour? What can I get? I'm not using an airbrush after all so I'm limited by what's sold in cans. Then again... there are alternatives... Maybe a wash... ah! A wash! Diluted gun metal or... hmm...