Saturday, May 3, 2008

Jumbo Zeta, Teruhisa Tajima, Uniqlo, Gundam T-Shirts and... a Gundam BAR?!

I want to tell a story. In order to do it properly I have to actually start a couple of weeks ago with Jumbo Grade Zeta and the works of a man named Teruhisa Tajima. Weeks ago when I'd first gotten the May Dengeki Hobby I saw a very cool picture of Jumbo Zeta holding a steel rod next to some electrical pylons. It's was called "Primitive Weapon" and I was quite impressed with the double entendre. I liked the photo more because of the title.

Teruhisa is a photographer who photoshops images of model Gundams into his photos.

I saw that some of his work was going to be made into T-Shirts for a fashion company here called "Uniqlo" which I suppose is the Japanese equivalent of American clothing shop "Old Navy". I really liked the Guncannon "Smoke gets in my eyes." shirt but it only comes in pink and... I don't wear pink shirts.

I saw that the shirts were going to start to be released sometime in late April. So one day I just happened to be out for lunch with my co-workers and as we were walking back to the office we passed by Uniqlo and everyone wanted to go in and check it out. Sure enough there were a lot of Gundam themed T-Shirts there. Take a look!

I wanted to get the light blue one with the two Goufs but they were sold out of that so I went for the good old RX-78-2.

I wore it underneath a polo shirt I was wearing when I went out later on that week. That night I end up going to Gundam themed bar. A lot of people were surprised and I think maybe even impressed when I pulled up my polo shirt to reveal the helmet of the RX-78. But I'm a bit of a maniac I think. I even have a picture of the MG OYW I built as my cell phone wall paper. That also provoked similar cries of astoshiment from the people present when they saw it. Not to mention I knew the names, pilots and model numbers of almost all the models there. But more on the Gundam Bar later.