Saturday, May 12, 2012

HG Strike Freedom - Preface

This might be coming out of the blue for a lot of my regular readers but let me explain. I have a Japanese friend who visits me occasionally and she always asks me what Gundams I want so she can bring them when she comes. I told her how expensive they are here and how I don't really want to buy them in Canada anymore.

When we met she said that she used to like watching me make them and didn't know that so much went into them. Since it was something that she's always associated with good times with me and it's something Japanese she really wants me to have them. That and the fact that she's just really kind... She's brought me two Jesta's, the Shenlong (which I actually kind of chose for her. She was born in the year of the dragon.) The Phantasy Star Eleanor model for myself and two for my sister (Shino and Whitill). This time she brought me the Zee Zulu, 1/144 Yellow Submarine hands, Kotobukiya Gattling Gun set and another MG that for now shall remain unnamed.

I orginally asked for the RG Mark.II but the release date was pushed back on the AEUG version and the Titan's version was sold out on the first day. Bad luck. One of the things I asked her to do this time was to think about a suit that she would like to pilot herself. Something she though she could see herself inside. Her original choice was the MG Wing Zero Custom. When she went back to buy it it was sold out. What a dissapointment. I would have loved to have built that one but maybe I'll have the choice to do it sometime down the road. Her second choice was this one. The Strike Freedom. She said she liked it because it was something that needed a 'special' pilot haha.

She had seen me working on the frame of the PG Strike Freedom (at that time I had just finished painting it gold and was fixing the one wing. Sephiroth mode as some of you may remember.) She has since seen the completed suit that I finished during the "Gauntlet" but it didn't register when she picked it out that the PG I was working on and that she was so familiar with was actually the same HG that she picked up. Either way its kind of fitting... And I was glad for the opportunity to see what type of a woman she is from her choice. I am more than happy to make another Strike Freedom but this one will be a monument to her.

I've already built the Gattling gun and the extra hands and have place them on my MG Mark II ver.2 and the Ecopla 1/144 Mark II. They're both great additions and I totally recommend them. The only problem with the hands is that they are very fragile (obviously) and it was kind of pain to get everything to stay in place while I assembled them. As such I used a bit of glue to stiffen them up but it worked to excess bonding the plastic and now I've lost of articulation in the hands! I don't want to fidget with them too much and risk breakage so I'm just content to leave them as they are right now. Totally worth it though, especially for the price.

I had started on the Zee Zulu already and am mid-way through that snap-fit but after I talked with her today I've decided to switch over to the HGSF. She said that I should be doing that one first because she want's to see it quickly haha. I told her that I'd do that one last but she said "ダメ" so I changed my plan for her. She was just joking and didn't expect that I would do that but now she's happier and if she's happy I'm happy. That's probably something most of us men should keep in mind when dealing with women. If you can make them happy and it's not really an issue just do it. That kindness will come back to you later.

Anyways here are some pics and some shots of my new work area. I've decided to combine my laboratories together in order to increase productivity. A true lab is one that you can sleep in and I finally have that now. Again. Haven't really had a setup like this since I left Japan. Refinement. That's what it's all about.


  1. So, this woman... she seems pretty special. More like... a keeper. :-)

    Sorry to hear about the hands. I'll have to keep that in mind when I get a set or two... or eight :-P

  2. yeah she is. she's a great woman.

    yes the hands are totally worth it!

  3. Amazing in every way , i shall stick to your blogs and see how it develops , and looking forward for Strike Freedom ....

  4. thanks! i'll try and provide some good content for you

  5. "That's probably something most of us men should keep in mind when dealing with women. If you can make them happy and it's not really an issue just do it. That kindness will come back to you later. "

    Truer words never spoken, my friend. ;)