Tuesday, May 15, 2012

HG Strike Freedom - 1 - Snap fit

The cool thing about the Strike Freedom, and I realized this while building the PG, is that it's completely symmetrical, outside of some minor differences in the beam rifles so that they can combine together.

It's an older HG and lacks some of the modern joint technology implemented in more modern HG's (see any of the Unicorn suits) but it's not really that bad.

My biggest problem is the proportions.  The feet seem too big and the face seems kind of childish.  It's hard to say what it is but it doesn't look that fierce to me.  That's something I hope to rectify later.

My standard build practice these days is to cut most of the pieces off the runners (outside of the really small ones that can get lost easily) and combine their respective halves together lightly, just so that they're easier to find later.  Gunpla building has taken on an essence of building a 3d puzzle for me.  After I'm done cutting everything out I sort them by section (legs, waist, torso etc.) and then look at the manual for what PC parts I'm supposed to use.

I want to get as much plastic out of the box as I can so it becomes less confusing for me as time goes on.  I hate searching through the runners looking at the letters wondering if I have the right one or not.  I just do it by eye now.  Easier and faster.

So here are some shots of the runners and some just for the sake of testing out my new camera.  As of this writing I've talked to my friend about what colours she wants to use and I've separated the parts accordingly.  She decides the colours but I'm going to do the scheme.  The next step is to prep the parts for painting.
Glad I can get a clear zoom in for a change.  LOVE this new camera!
Time to get rid of this stuff!  Takes up too much real estate in the box.
Look at that chin!  WAY too long.  Ridiculously long actually.  That needs to chopped down.  And I did chop it down.
Another angle.  Don't like this face much.  I think it's the cheek things.  And that chin has got to go.
OK not bad!  It's got potential.  Now to see if I can unlock it.