Wednesday, April 27, 2011

MG Exia - WIP 1 - Break down

After looking at it for some time and mulling things over I decided that I'd finally dis-assemble the whole thing and get it ready for painting and modifications. I spent a lot of time talking with my family this weekend (it being Easter and all, relatives were stopping by relatively often hehe), I took the opportunity to get some work done because I'm a social Gunpla guy like that. I like to have someone to talk to or listen to while I'm working.

While I was taking it apart I made note of areas of concern (and I did manage to break a part in the process but I think I can salvage it... or just do away with the whole concept all together.)  I'm talking about the extra, collapsible "antennae" on either of the "collar bones".  I know it's a key part of the design and I do like them but I think they're impractical and get in the way sometimes.  I'll probably scrap them or put them some place else on the suit.

I won't be keeping any secrets with this but I will be revealing things as I work on them.

Despite my efforts in setting up a decent laboratory in the basement I still prefer working in my room so I bring up tools and equipment from the lab as I need them.  Right now the one I'll be working with is the 'saw'.  Time to start hacking up some of this plastic.