Saturday, April 9, 2011

Exia / Zeta+C1 Resurrection

Well protected in the Duvel box, these two survived the journey back with little damage.  A broken handle, a couple missing parts which I may actually have here already.

I am reminded that the Exia is essentially the "Viewer's Choice" mecha that is next to be worked on.  Exia gets moved to the forefront with Titanium Finish.

I'm still getting adjusted between places to work.  I set up a decent lab downstairs that gives me solitude but I do more work when I'm around people.  Namely in the kitchen so I'm thinking of setting up a work station there.


Natural light shots.  Guys... seriously.  It is not over rated.  Check it out.  I will let the pictures do the talking.  You can figure it out.

The last pic demonstrates my biggest problem with this suit. Balance. Gonna have to start with the feet first and mod for stability. Need to tighten up the joints too and make them stiffer. Armour will probably be glued in place. Light frame painting, no major detailing. The head/face is exceptional. Will spend some extra time there.

The real work is going to come down to how the blue is treated and changing the tones of the white. May be forced to do a little bit of light weathering for the first time.