Saturday, April 23, 2011

ANA Unicorn - Thoughts

What's not to like right?

I like this configuration. I'll have to mod a hand in order for it to hold the 2nd beam rifle. Paint that. Clean it up, gloss black, hit it with some metallics. Get the proper beam saber blade. Blue or green one if I can find it. Four reds sprayed with a florescent pink maybe just for the sake of variety.

Heavy work on the shield to get it to turn metallic blue. Colour matching is going to be a pain.

Seems weird to strip the regular Unicorn of its weapons like that but I can do something else for him.  I've got a couple of unopened weapon packs around here.

Just the decals left and then... Gonna have to work on the new arrival.

No backlog, I'm sticking to it. I will build everything I get right away. No one goes back into boxes anymore.