Thursday, November 27, 2008

GN-X III - Lance work

Since Blogger is TOTALLY lame when it comes to pictures, I'm doing this post through Imageshack. Blogger likes to take your uploaded photos and rotate them anyway it sees fit despite the orientation at the time of the uploading. To make matters worse, Blogger does NOT have a "rotate image' function. I made this post with Imageshack and it worked perfectly the first time. Man you'd think they'd be able to sort something as simple as rotating images out in their programing. Ugh... maybe I should have stuck with Wordpress. Oh well. Too late now.

Now onto today's post. Back to work on my GN-X III. Today will deal with the lance.

Test painted without primer to see how it'd look. It's acceptable. Glued the pieces together and let it sit.

I sanded and I repainted to test the seam lock. It was good but I sanded a bit too much so I covered it up with an extra layer of paint.

I'm going for a complete lance without the rifle ports so it's epoxy putty time! It works by combining the pale green and white ones together until its malleable enough to work with.

Puttied. Epoxy on the base and tip, basic putty on the edge of the lance because I wanted to cover up those lines as well.

Shaving the putty off. I tried sanding it with the thicker base but realized it would take a long time to get it uniform, so I shaved it down to it's base surface.

Sanded again. It was pretty good, but I did way more work than I needed to. Basic putty would have done the job a lot faster and cleaner. Live and learn! Tip length extension is negligible.

Primed the lance to test for errors. There were a couple of imperfections.

More basic putty to cover up the trouble spots. Will do a more gentle sanding job to get it the way I want.