Saturday, November 1, 2008

GN-0000/7S - 00 Gundam Seven Sword

Originally uploaded by Busterbeam

The title MS of this month's Hobby Japan (and also Dengeki Hobby), it really is quite impressive, but a bit much for me. When I first saw the Avalanche upgrade for the Exia I thought it was a bit much and this one provoked the same response from me. I was like like... WOW. That buster sword looks huge. Like the Blue Frame 2nd L but better... but at the same time not, because at least that changed into a gatling gun and a back pack. This one just sits on the shoulder. Throws the whole thing off balance if you ask me but... no doubt this is going to become very popular. This is only a conversation but I'm predicting that Bandai is going to make a mass produced version of this down the road for our consumption. They'd sell a lot of units with a minimal amount of work. Watch for it. It's not available yet but it will be eventually I'm sure.

Coincidentally, this, my 100th post on the board is about... 00 Gundam. How about that! So to celebrate that... I'm going to change the colours a bit. The dark background and light letters were messing up my eyes o_O