Monday, April 8, 2013

SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online

Well the Gauntlet is done now so I can start to work on some other things...

Honestly that's been Farcry 3 (just got the Shredder... which is a fictional weapon in the game but was still used by the mecha soldiers in the new Total Recall remake? hm...), Marvel Avenger's Alliance (the new Spec Ops is great!  More mecha action with the Vision and Ultron) and this...

Recently I've been in contact with a company called OGPlanet and through them Bandai Korea and through them back to why you and I are all here. We love the mecha. Some of us also love video games. I'm a gamer too and that's what this post is going to talk about.

Plamo Addiction will be going into a slightly different mode from now on as I've just opened up a new partnership with the two companies mentioned above. Someone from OGPlanet's Vancouver office contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in doing some affiliate work for them. They heard about me through Gundam Guy and I was really pleased about that. I've gotten a lot of new subscribers from him and if you didn't know I actually had the chance to meet him and some other fellow bloggers a few years back at the mecca of mecha.

OGPlanet has made a game with Bandai Korea called SD Gundam Capsule Fighter and it's a MMORPG that's all about Gundam and I'm pretty sure it's the ONLY one of its kind! It's free to play and I've already started so I hope some of you gamer/gundam types out there will join me.

Full disclosure - I do get some compensation for anyone who signs up through my tracking link so if you're going to join, join through me and my link! Tell them Plamo Addiction sent you! And then all the Plamo Addicts can kick butt in this game together! I'm telling you I can't wait until I get the Blue Destiny. Just for personal reasons. I know there are better but that's the beauty of it. We can all just do what we want because there are SO many options! Anyway here's the link!


I'm still going to be doing my regular (or irregular as the case may be >_<) blog stuff but the Capsule Fighter stuff will be mixed in there too so here's your heads up!

If you're interested I hope you'll join!

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