Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nu Gundam ver.ka - 3 - Painting

Moving along with more tales from the Nu Gundam Gauntlet! I decided that the orb joint features introduced in this kit would get some special attention. I tried to match the colour to the that of the psycho frame parts... Because this Gundam is going to be really "psycho". That will be discussed later. For now take a look at these pics. I mixed a clear green and blue on a silver. Lacquers. The paint selection can be seen here. And then enamel silver lining. And then my blood on ankles, hips and shoulders. Those are the extra psycho parts to relay more information back to the pilot creating a more complete bond between man and machine... reducing reaction time and improving awareness of all mechanical functions and battlefield situational enhancement functions. The Psycho Joints. An additional component introduced into this Nu Gundam design by yours truly.

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