Thursday, September 1, 2011

Theta +

That's what I'm calling it.  And I think it is the most insane Gundam I have ever made.


  1. You just made mah jaw drop, buddy...

  2. Never really imagined SF as a dual blade wielding type. Sweet...!

  3. that is some awesome stuff, two swords?!?!?

  4. DAT GRADIENT ARMOR. Haven't seen that since the original Hi-V colour scheme! You even gave it melee stuff. Holy crap, this has brought me to tears of amazement (No seriously, it's really hard to read what I'm typing). Of course, the guy who threw down the gauntlet to others had to make the craziest colour scheme!
    But I'm still thinking, maybe to allow for better use of the dynamic-ness of the joints (surprise for a Katoki design), the wings should be scrapped, replaced with cannons, and the dragoons should be mounted on some kind of waist rack, and possibly modded to be smaller.

  5. Dude... this amazes, inspires, and scares the hell out of me! Top job, seriously.

  6. Who knew giving SF a pair of Katana could get me to like it! This is fantastic! Also, that's some crazy spraypaint work there with the red transitioning into the white. Need more photos to make use of the Tiger Pierece and Gerbera Straight :D

    Never fail to impress, BB. お疲れ様でした!

  7. thats one awesome paintjob and i really like how the colour fades from one to the other. annd the katanas are a lot nicer than the standard beam sabers good job.

    are you going to panelline it and even some stickers/decals?

  8. Strike Freedom looks like a boss with those katanas.

  9. tom - thanks man i thought it suited it for some reason.

    marc - yeah the gradients were a new thing for me this time. i think it worked out ok. it was a lot of fun to do. felt like i was a real artist or something! haha yep panel lining and decals are the next step... after i repaint some sections.

    Z - thanks a lot man! thought youd like the sword action! more pics are coming!

    James - I certainly appreciate that my friend. he kind of scares me too! lol

    Shaomu - tears of amazement eh! im honoured! thanks for the kind words. cannons on the back would be great. i love the wings off because they're just too crazy sometimes. no way they'd fit on a waist rack though. way too huge.

    thanks for the comments everyone!