Friday, October 8, 2010

NgeeKhiong is finished. - supplemental

Looking at the fallout, there have been some mixed reactions but everyone without fail, ends on the note that he'll be missed and that he did good work.  I think that's proof enough of him and his legacy.  No more need be said.

BUT I'm going to say more! haha

Now that he's not working on his news blog most of the time he seems to have been pouring his efforts and time into his EX blog and I think his latest review on the Crossbone is some of the best and most thorough work that I've seen from him.  And he's not even finished yet.

If this is the result of him closing down his blog well... I'm happy about it.  We can get news from a bunch of different sources but it's always great to have another great modeler step into the arena.  Especially one that does his style of plamo.  Granted he's been in the game for a while but I really think we'll start to see even greater stuff from him now.

I think the thing I love most about his work is his lining. He just uses Gundam markers but I've never been able to make my lines look as clean as is. Not to mention the paint in just the right areas for box art accuracy and the lovely attention to detail of ALL mechanical parts, especially pistons.

It's a style that I've patterned myself after, except that I leave the inside armour alone and am prone to re-colours.

I kind of wish he'd use a proper background and larger pics for his final reviews but hey... To each his own. It's good to see him doing what he really loves. What we all really love. Making Gundams!