Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Unto Death - 1

MG XXXG-01D2 Gundam Deathscythe Hell (OVA - Endless Waltz version)

I saw a picture a while ago and decided that I needed the MG Deathscythe Hell. I was never a huge fan of the suit itself but I always thought that it was cool. I mean it has a giant beam scythe. What other suit has that? It's hard to beat and also very iconic in its own right.

According to MAHQ the Deathscythe's only fixed armament and only ranged weapon is the weak anti infantry head vulcans. I don't think they serve much of a purpose outside of that. I have seen them used to shoot down rockets and for harassment but they don't do much damage (edit - the kind Plamo Addicts at my fb page have let me know otherwise.  They're for shooting out camera's too.  Thanks guys!). So it's not a long range suit at all. Close quarters melee combat. It doesn't even have beam sabres. The scythe or nothing basically. It's got some sharp forearm mounted shields and spikes everywhere but that's it really. So this suit is meant to cover ground quickly and cut the enemy down within spitting distance.

Impractical. Vain. Cosmetic. And I love it. So what was it that made me fall in love with the suit? This.

Please let me know the artist if you know.  I'd like to give credit where it's due.

I know it's a kit bash of the Wing and Deathscythe together but it's the darkness of the piece that attracted me to it. It's the scythe. Everything is great. The colouring, the combinations, the paint job, the gradients, the subtlety and the totally awesome custom stand but it's the scythe that brings it all together and gives this piece some real attitude, character and charisma. There were others as well.

My vision of the Deathscythe is something like this.

There is a high chance that I will paint this kit later. I want to pair it up with the MG Wing Zero Custom in a Life and Death motif but stages... This needs to be built first so let's get on with it.

Some crazy box art!

My phone camera doesn't seem to like this light source.  I'll have to see what I can do about that.

My impression so far is that the kit is pretty complicated and maybe isn't for beginners. It's a relatively new kit and design but I felt like it was about 20 years old sometimes while I was making it. Some pieces look the same but there are small variations between the left and right versions. Many small pieces come together to form larger more articulated sections and these have to be assembled with great care and attention to detail. A lot of newer kits are built with symmetry in mind and it's somewhat more forgiving. If two pieces look the same they probably are and can be used interchangeably. Not so with this kit. Proceed with caution. Take your time and pay attention.

So far I'm feeling rewarded. I plan on building the inner frame first to get an idea of the range of motion and articulation. And I just really want to play with it lol

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