Monday, May 24, 2010

MGIJ WIP 9 - Organization / Prep for painting

But before that, gotta eat. Thai yellow curry this time. Chop up yellow pepper and some tofu. I save the seeds and plant them on the balcony later.

Horrible pour on that beer there but whatever.  I let it sit for a while and drink from the can while it settles down.  Yellow curry was much sweeter and milder than the green.  Much more manageable.  But a bit too mild I think.  I need a bit more of an 'edge'.  I'll try red next and see how that goes.
Regular dinner guest.  What a mess my table is.

Picked up this plastic tool box from the 100 yen shop.

Thats's better!

This might seem like a pointless post but I do want to underscore something with it. Organization is important and can definitely help your work flow and painting process. I organized everything by the colour that I wanted to paint them and it helped me speed up the painting process. Not to mention there's less of a chance for things to get lost. I want to thank two people in particular for this idea. DC23 and Ngee Khiong. Their organization skills really inspired me.

How about you guys? Would you say that you workspace/projects are quite organized or are they all over the place?


  1. Usually I sand & assemble a kit before I do any sort of mod or painting. So I never really need to store the little pieces neatly in a box. It is only when in painting phase do I take everything apart, but by that time, all the part will be on bbq stick either ready to paint, or waiting to dry.

  2. I am like G.G. I build first before I start the sanding, painting, and modding (I wish) process. I tend to divide the kit up into sections, i.e. arms, legs, torso, etc, and but the pieces into the plastic bags that the runners came in and store them all in the box.

    My work table is a huge mess now. I sit at my desk and build in front of my computer while my table gets more and more cluttered. I really gotta get organized.

  3. My workspace is a bit of both messy and organised and my workflow is similar to G.G and Gaijin Gunpla.

    My workspace is usually organised during the initial assembly until cutting and sawing comes into the picture, where it becomes a big mess.

    At the moment, I split my workspace into 4 main compartment. The centre drawer is where the reference books for modeling are kept. The remaining 3 store the tools & hobby supplies, spare parts plus WIPs and paint respectively.

  4. I need to pick me up some of those plastic containers. They really do look like they do wonders for organization... which I lack completely.

    You gotta post your cooking WIP next time so I can learn how to make curry ^^. Is that a Kyocera ceramic knife I see there? =)

  5. ah! so you have an eye for ceramic blades! yes thats EXACTLY what it is! haha good for you.

    yeah get on the containers man. easy way to get organized. actually now that i think about it i might need another one for my mk.2 musha!

    to the others, its cool hearing about how other people organize their work. i think i've tried a semi-new process with each build trying to settle into one that i like. i think im getting close but it really all hinges on how patient i am, the size of the project, and the kit itself so it varies.