Wednesday, May 5, 2010

MGIJ WIP 8 - Shoulder modification: Section 2

Got a bit distracted because Splinter Cell: Conviction came in the mail (brilliant game btw) and I bought a lot of energy bars to prepare for the malnutrition that I was about to subject myself to by playing the same for too long.

At the bottom you can see some Kotobukiya "vents" that I bought.  There are called "nozzles" on the package though.

Closer look.  Many sizes to choose from.

Decided to go for the double nozzle.

Wanted to close up the holes on the underside as well even though they won't be seen.  I do a lot things just on principle.  If this were a real machine it wouldn't be left like that.

Sanded and primed.  While I was waiting for it to dry I ate.

Sorry old boy it's going to be a bit longer for your arms.

Thai Green Curry with some cheap 発泡酒 Yeah I'll drink that stuff too. I like my beer, don't get me wrong but... Seriously. It's cheap as ****.

I wasn't prepared for the level of spiciness that is Thai Green Curry. I needed another drink.  Red Frame approves.  Don't ask me where I got the HUB glass because it's a story I'm not very proud of.

Primed.  I will accept this result.

Sprayed metallic black later which you've all already seen.


  1. whoah.. nice mod!...

    is that griller powered by usb?? O_o

    nice result.. cant wait for it be be painted :D

  2. being thorough is key. we've all seen what happens when you make sure not to cut corners on a project. i'm living vicariously through you at the moment.

    As far as beers, I've always been a lager guy myself..

  3. Seriously nice mod BB, cannot wait to see this one completed!

    Extra points for the pocket-sized George Foreman grill! :D

  4. Nice mods. Is must be fun to work on a part at a time without rushing thru it, a lesson I am learning nowadays.

    OMG that clear part is awesome!! Be sure to get those scratch marks though. Since your custom color is mostly black, I suspect the clear color to be used for the clear parts would be green/red? Red would be cool.

    Man you are making me hungry...

  5. lol.. im more intrest at your food,,dint knw that modeler cooked ^^

  6. Energy food? Looks like you better have more insulin "prepared" after seeing those chocolate bars and soft drinks LOL... xD

  7. Sweet! we need more food post intertwined with Gunpla! it's like the perfect harmony! That thai curry looks awesome!

    IJ is looking spiffy too!

    Oh yea, sekai no kitchen makes one of the best and most unique soft drinks out there! Love their lemon peel and honey!

  8. haha no the griller isnt powered by usb!

    GG - yeah you dont have to do it all at once! it becomes much more manageable if you just do a bit at a time. less intimidating that way. I'm just using the clear plates instead of regular ones because thats all i have here. im not doing anything special with them yet but its a good idea! maybe i will soon!

    gunpla addict - yeah a lot of us cook! there are a lot of hybrid gundam/food blogs out there! haha

    thanks for the comments everyone!

  9. z- just getting into their drinks now! they make some good stuff for sure

  10. I approve of posts including modifications, food preperation, snacks, booze, and gorgeous women. You only forgot one. ;)


    Is that cheap stuff like chu-hai or something?

    Is that a Foreman grill?

    Where is your lady? I have heard no mention of the GF for a minute..

    I'm sipping on some cider at the moment for a bit of a change. Felt like something sweet. I put those plaques in the mail for you and Gai Gun today as well.

  11. yeah havent posted any girl pics recently! soon maybe! haha

    no its not chu-hai its just really low malt beer.

    yes that is an official george foreman grill

    lady has left the country!

    thanks for the plaques mate. looking forward to seeing them!