Monday, May 3, 2010

Do you think there will be Musha Gundam Mark II "Sengoku no Jin" Box set?

  73 (61%)
Not anytime soon.
  46 (38%)

So basically you're all telling me to wait...  Which is probably not such a bad idea...  Damn that's going to be hard though.  I really want to buy it on Day 1.

MG Shin Musha Gundam was released in June 2008 and the Sengoku no Jin box set came out in March 2009.

That's a long time to wait and I'm not good at waiting.  Gonna have to mull this one over.

Not to mention the Japanese motif stickers...  The jury is still out on that one though.  Damn it can't leave things up to fate.  The thing I'm waiting for may never come and even if it does it could be crap!  F it.  I'm going for it.  Stick to the game plan. 


  1. Those stickers are best left alone; they're all non-clear foil stickers, probably the really crappy kind. Best to just buy the ordinary version, mod/paint it until you get the colors you like, and by then a year shall have passed. Either that or get building on everything in your stockpile to pass the age.

  2. jeez no kidding eh. on both accounts, the stockpile and the fact that it takes me near on year to finish anything LOL!

  3. I dont really think there'll be one. The previous Musha had poop brown color on the gold parts and only the sengoku no Jin had platings. If this Musha MKII already has plating parts, it is less likely to have a special version.

  4. lol yea i agree even if dat set does come out rmb its way more expensive dan the original so im just gonna get da original wen it first comes out

  5. I say just go for it. Is more fun to build something when there is hype for it.

  6. lol oh man you're as bad as me. maybe worse considering the amount of time you spend on panel lining. not that im complaining!

  7. and all good points guys. i'm starting to feel the way you mentioned here

  8. Go for it! That's what I will be doing! Don't walk alone... or something.