Thursday, August 25, 2011

Late August - Moving hard on the PGSF

Time's running out but I think I can really do this provided my commitment stays as it's been recently.

But this is kind of the best part! I can see it now! And I want to see it ALL. This is when it gets kind of crazy for me. The big pushes, working through the night. Not because of deadlines but because of excitement. It's one of the things I love about this hobby. All that patience. All that time. Never really knowing what it's going to look like in the end when you cut that first piece from the gate! What am I making? And somehow it comes together in all of it's complexity. And creativity.

Anyways to cut it all short... I'm ****ing stoked about this thing now!

He will be a welcome addition to the family!


  1. The colour scheme that you chose is definitely smashing!

  2. Clear... Shield? Where did that come from?

  3. Should be the PG Red Frame with clear parts.