Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry X-Mas!

Present for you! Choose one!

Yukie Kawamura (Top Left), Ryoko Tanaka (Top Right), Hwang Mi Hee (Bottom Left) and Ai Shinozaki (Bottom Right).  I choose Ai!

Merry X-Mas guys! Hope you have a great one! I won't be recieving any Gundams from my non-existent gf this year... but that's ok. My ex got me two last year so I'm just going to pretend that she got me two years worth! haha

Peace and Love to all of you around the world during this holiday season!

Oh and here's something for you folks that aren't really into this type of stuff.

It's only right considering this is my X-Mas Gundam. Damn this thing looks good!

Or maybe this is more your style?!


  1. I've got something better! (Don't mind the ads)
    The UNDEFEATED OF THE NORTH is coming to the houses of the western frontier very soon. He probably dropped by already for you by now.

    ...Hmm, I think I'd have to vote for Ai as well. Roundest face, ribs aren't poking out.

  2. The girls are lovely and cutee XD lol and a merry christmas to you!

  3. HAPPY HOLIDAYS and yea add one more vote to Ai =D

  4. @Shaomu that pic in that link is hilarious and totally EPIC xD.

    @BB Hey I totally forgot you have the MG Exia! What's the status on it now? Your last link doesn't like hotlinking ^^;. Hope you have a wonderful holiday too!

  5. Hmmm. I don't know what to choose. It's gonna be one of the bottom two...

    Anyways, Happy Holiday to you man.

  6. 2,3,1,4 in that order. Thanks for the cheery post Bb and a merry xmas, happy channukah, a festive kwanzaa, and a solemn and reflective ramadan to all. =D

  7. Merry Christmas to you bro! I choose #3 pls. lol

  8. thanks guys! fixed the link. hopefully it'll be good for a while. hotlinking robocops got me!

    Exias status is disassembled and awaiting transport back to Canada!

    no one went for number 1! poor kawamura san.