Wednesday, December 22, 2010

模型战士Gunpla Builders Beginning-G Part.C

Who knows how long it will be on the net for so take a look while you can.

I gotta say... Beargguy is really cute! I love the weapons! I also liked how the girl pilot (Rina) didn't know that it's a suit for underwater combat and it was trying to swim in space. Funny!

It looks like this is the final episode of the series and we are definitely treated to some lovely battle scenes! I love seeing all those different custom Gundams fighting each other! Battles you never thought you'd see in animated form!  Red Frame vs. The O?! Even some models you never thought you'd see! Hyaku Shiki with a gold Gundam shield! So much cool stuff!  I can't even begin to talk about it all!

And the new Beginning Gundam 30 with it's extra parts looks really cool!  Powerful!

I really enjoyed this series!  Looking forward to watching it again later on down the road in better quality.

Mirrored Gelgoog?!  Nice!


  1. i seconded every single word you'd said there. simply epic, loaded with overkill fights and else. not to mention the unique targeting scope for Beargguy's missile pods.
    plus, a very huge HARO to contain the full Dendrobium Orchis.

    and yeah, Big-ZAM LOL

  2. Very coom battle-intense episode right there. Not a bad job considering all the fights they had to cram into a 15-minute anime. The what was it - 1/500(?) Not-So-Big Zam was a funny bit, all right.

    While the Beginning 30 is cool, especially with how he manipulates the clear parts (beam energy?) and the way Haru got the upgrade parts in an obvious nod to Char's Counterattack (where CHAR himself leaked the Psychoframe specs to Chan for the Nu Gundam's use), it's almost like the Strike Freedom's/00 Raiser's Messiah God-level MS power all over again.

    So all I need to come out on top of a Gunpla battle is just to have better upgrades than my competition? So much better that superior skills become moot?

    Let's say I have a Strike Freedom/Turn A/00 Quan[T]/Hi-Nu Gundam hybrid with special plastic add-ons I can attach to the Fin Funnels and I'll just say they're GN Condensers that generate impenetrable GN fields that allow them to crush other MS just by touching them, thus allowing me to destroy all foes without even getting near them. Or my MS can unleash an unblockable GN-Moonlight Butterfly Attack that will decimate everyone within a mile-wide radius and leave me the sole victor.

    Or maybe I'm just over-thinking it.

    After all, Gunpla is supposed to be FUN, and that's the whole point of the story, I guess.

    I still think that the 30 is a cheesy MS, though.

  3. Yeah, this episode was just so fun to watch. Oddly enough, I actually love the Beginning 30 Gundam. The first HG left me waiting for something I couldn't think of. Now I know: funnels galore and some crazy awesome wings! *Those WINGS*
    The beargguy was pretty funny, and I can't wait for all the mods we'll see of it from DC23 and the rest of the MAC forum-goers.
    You know what? This GB game should totally exist! COME ON JAPAN!

  4. "So all I need to come out on top of a Gunpla battle is just to have better upgrades than my competition? So much better that superior skills become moot?"

    Yep. That is pretty much it.

    Kinda similar to Gundam Modelling these days, the guys with the most money to throw @ their models to get upgrade parts and the like to beat their competition.