Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Strike Vermillion & Astray Strike Frame

A couple more shots of Strike Vermillion and Astray Strike Frame. Both models are incomplete. I still have a lot of work to do on both of them but for now this project is on hold and I'm moving back to my MG G04.

Tonzo mentioned in the last post that the katana on either side of the mech looks good as seen with the Astray Orange Frame and I'm starting to think that he's right on two points. One; in response to what I said about being a traditionalist and having two blades on one side of the warrior... He said that's true in the case of a Katana and Wakizashi but not necessarily a Katana and ANOTHER Katana. And I must agree. Two; there is the balance issue. The Katana/Wakizashi combination wouldn't look like how the Astray wears the double blades. It isn't that cumbersome and bulky (spoken with experience as I've done it myself on numerous occasions - don't ask.). I think it might be better if the Astray has a blade on either side... I mean it's not like robots are left or right handed right? And balance is more of an issue for machines... So... I can make the change and still maintain my principles haha

Without question the Astray is a bulky mech especially in comparison to conventional Seed designs like the Strike, Impulse, Freedom and so on. TheAastray looks like a football player next to a swimmer. But hey! We're all built differently right?! Just because he's bigger doesn't mean that he's not as effective or uglier! It's all perspective/opinion! I know a lot of guys out there who can't stand Seed's "anorexic" designs and like the Astray style a lot more.

That said... I like both of them. From the waist up I like the Astray but from the waist down I like the Strike... hey wait second... I wonder would it would look like if...

OK guys take a look at these pics, cause you won't be seeing these guys for while. In the meantime I'm going to try some 'experiments'.

Had to leave 'Afro Samurai Gundam Pilot Double B' in the pics for scale. These are some tall war machines!


  1. While the Katana and Wakizashi were worn together on the same side, I don't know if you will find instances of two katana being worn together. I don't think that ever really happened. I say, take down one of the katana and make it a wakizashi and then your Astray will totally be packing the blades! But you're right, it is a robot so it can wear them however he wants ;) As he doesn't have an obi, it doesn't really matter. nyuck nyuck

  2. and one more question totally unrelated to the PGs. how did you paint the gold on your sinanju. Did you hand paint it? What paint did you use? I have a sinanju sitting on my desk at home, but haven't started it as I am waiting to pick up all the supplies before I begin. I don't intend to use the stickers and am in need of your expertise.

  3. yeah the obi is key!

    about the gold. i actually used two different types of gold. testors enamel and a regular gold gundam marker which was a bit duller than the testors but only on close inspection really. after you leave it out in the air for a bit they both end up looking pretty similar depending on how many coats you put on.

    I did hand paint the details but for the larger parts i used Tamiya mini spray cans. I'm assuming you won't be using as much gold as i did though. i didnt use any of the gold stickers/decals at all.

    it's a demanding kit! have fun with it! i'm sure you'll do a great job

  4. BB: Afro Samurai pilot is way awesome. LOL They really should put more african american pilots in Gundam series.

    And the info on the gold will be handy, since I also will build my Sinanju soon as well.

    Gaijin G: Let us know when you will start your Sinanju, maybe I will start mine when you do yours.

  5. I will just hand paint (or gundam marker) the gold instead of using the foil stickers. I won't be adding gold to anywhere else. Although, there will be a colour on there that I am hoping will surprise and overwhelm you. ;)

    G.G. You have the Sinanju as well. I can pretty much start it at any time. I have the Lucas Strike but can hold off on that if you want to build at the same time. When were you thinking of starting yours?

  6. I was thinking of starting the Sinanju after I finish my current project, the 1/100 Gundam Astraea Type-F. I project that I will finish this kit within 2 weeks. And then start on Sinanju w/ rocket bazooka.

  7. I also have the rocket bazooka. Two weeks, you say? Sounds doable. I will hopefully be done all the little things on the Hi Nu in the next few days and around that time my parts should arrive and I will be able to finish it up. Sounds like a plan. See what you have done, Plamo? Sinanjus all around!

  8. You guys are funny. Well I'm joining in too then if that's how it's going to be! I've been planning on doing a couple more touch ups to my Sinanju plus add the rocket bazooka as well. So when you guys release your galleries I'll let my new one go too. Sinanju's all around!

  9. Haha. I'm glad you could see my logic.

    GaiGun I thought of shortening a katana as well but why would you destroy 95% of the reason for getting the bonus parts version?

    I'd love to join in the Sinanju love-in but I build farrrr too slowly and that sucker's going to take me FOREVER. I'm still working on my SM from last year ^^;

  10. I have a feeling the Sinanju will take me forever, too. It's best to have an open ending so we don't feel pressed to complete by a certain time.

  11. Agreed. Open end dates are good to ensure higher quality in the end product.

    It will surely be fun to work on the same kit and see the different takes/approach to building it.

  12. Well in that case, count me in. I don't have a blog, but I do have a forum. If it's not too forward I will start a topic about it now? Please feel free to drop by and post a link to your WIP when it's begun. What sort of rules do you guys want? Paint as a minimum? Any specific theme?

    It's great that we have one completed entry and a very thorough WIP to use as a guide line, thanks BB. I look forward to seeing what comes out of this one ^^


  13. haha we should see who else we can round up for this. i'm really looking forward to seeing how you all tackle it. especially since im done... i hope i wont be kicking myself saying 'why didnt i think of that!' either way once you guys are all done i'll put up my new gallery of my Sinanju with the rocket bazooka and minor update of my WIP with the new 'mods' im doing for it. Im not entirely out of the woods yet with this kit! but yeah... open ended is good. it took me close to 4 months to finish my sinanju and its not something that should be rushed.

  14. also tonzo thanks for making that topic. it'll be good to have a space where all of our WIPS can be accessed in one place.

  15. No probs. ;) Looking forward to seeing what directions you guys take. I have a couple of ideas...

    I'm a bit peeved the UC Novel bazookas sold out so quickly. I was on rakuten the day after release and they were gone, and I was in Japan the day before release and I decided against making the trip out to joshin gundam in Osaka because we'd been carting the kids around the castle all day in the rain. It was my intention to try and coerce (read: beg) the clerks to sell me a stack of them a day early. Thems the breaks, as they say.

    Bb no doubt there'll be some kicking, there always is. I'm glad to have a detailed reference point, but best believe if there's any way to improve on your methods I'll be looking for it, for the benefit of us all. :)

  16. tonzo - even if you'd made it out to osaka, id say it would have been a long shot at best. those things sold out fast.

    yeah finding a way to improve on what ive done will benefit us all. we can all learn from each other if not for this project than for future ones.